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Antennas FM / MF / HF / VHF / UHF / TETRA/ WiMax

RF Cables / Waveguides / Connectors / Adapters / Switches / Combiners / Duplexers

DVB MPEG-2/4 Encoders – SD/HD / Multiplexers  

DVB-T/T2 Modulators

DVB-T Set Top Boxes and Special Set Top Boxes for Impaired Persons

DVB-T SFN MIP Inserters

DVB-T GPS Receivers

DVB-T Transmitters UHF


DAB / DAB+ / DMB / DRM / SYNCHRONOUS FM Head-end / Transmission Systems

Analog Transmitters TV-Radio (UHF / FM)

Microwave Links: Analog / Digital, Fixed / Portable, TV / Radio

Wireless Camera Digital Links

ENG Equipments

ENG/DENG Central Receive Terminals

ENG/DENG Vans – Electronic Equipments

DSNG Vans – Electronic Equipments

DSNG Vans Antennas

DSNG Fly-away Terminals

Fixed Earth Stations “ Turn-Key” Projects / Electronic Equipments

Satellite Receive/Transmit Antennas

Satellite High Power Amplifiers – HPA’s

Satellite Control/Management Systems

Microwave Link Antennas

Satellite IRD Receivers DVB-S / DVB-S2 4:2:0/4:2:2

Satellite Up Converters/Down Converters / BUC

Test & Measurement Instruments: RF -Video-Audio-Optical-Telecoms

GSM Voice/Data Encryption Systems

Installation Materials: Racks, Cables-Video/Audio/Triax, Connectors-Video/Audio etc.

Electronic Tubes: FM / TV / Industrial types

Vacuum Capacitors

Telescopic Vehicle Masts

SNG/ENG Vans Stabilizing Jacks

SNG/ENG Vans Coach Building


Satellite Antenna De-Ice Systems

RDS Encoders / RDS Monitoring System

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)

Interactive TV Applications

Monitors LCD / CRT

Camcorders ENG / EFP / Studio

Digital Video Recorders 

Plasma Displays

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