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Representations / Partnerships

All products originated from representations & partnerships with specialized factories, as:

RDS Encoder, RDS/FM Monitoring Decoders, Stereo Generator, FM Rebroadcast Receiver, TCP/IP-SNMP Control,MP3 Streaming , Audio over IP, Emergency Warning System, RDS/IP Server
Antenna Systems: FM, VHF, UHF, Analog & Digital.

Combiners, Diplexers , Filters, Transmission Line and Accessories

Antenna Systems and Services for Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Coaxial Cables, Coaxial Connectors, Antennas, Dehydrators etc
TV transmitters and DAB radio.

Broad Telecom range of transmitters covers all your broadcasting network needs:

- All range of powers: from 1 W to 15kWrms / 40kWps

- All standards: Analog and digital (DVB-T / H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ISDB-Tb, DAB)

- All frequency bands: Band I, Band III, UHF

FM Amplifiers , FM Antennas & Accessories , AM/FM Transmitters, Receivers, Transmitter Accessories, Transmitter Packages, FM Audio Processors, HD Audio Processors etc.

Audio & data connectors, Video & RF connectors, Power connectors & distribution, Connection panels & stage boxes, Cables, Cabling accessories & tools, Racks & hardware, Studio fittings & mountings, Media & media storage, Powering, Headphones & headsets,   Microphones, Microphone accessories, Audio interfacing & metering, Video interfacing & monitoring, Audio mixers & processing, Amplification, Loudspeakers, Communications & datacoms, Test- measurement & noise control

Microwave Radio Platforms. All IP / TDM / SDH

Network Management Systems (NMS)

Point-to-Point Microwave Antennas

Telescopic and sectional pneumatic mast systems for Broadcasters and Military Use

Flyaway Systems,  4/5G Bonded Cellular, 4K 5G Bonded Cellular Transmitter BodyCaster T-50, Highly Portable 4G Transmitter BodyCaster T-40, UHD-750 4K HEVC DecoderUHD-750L, Rx and Control Software/GUI for Bonded Cellular Cogent NET NMS, Encoder and decoding systems, UHD (Ultra High Definition) IP/Baseband system, SDI over IP virtualized Play-to-air system, 8 Channel UHD SDI Multi-viewer VIO MVS-8UHD,

dB Broadcast manages complex projects, solutions design, systems build and integration, configuration and commissioning, migration and support services for both traditional and new technology broadcast systems.

dB Broadcast Products

Digigram pioneers in audio innovations.

Audio over IP solutions

Production & Sound Cards

Affordable Tools for Digital-TV Professionals

PCI Cards and USB-2 Adapters: DekTec's range of PCI cards and USB-2 Adapters provides core input-, output- and processing functions for digital-video signals.
Apply these boards in your digital-video OEM product, or use them directly with our digital-video software to create economic MPEG-2 solutions. All DekTec adapters come with a free software development kit for Windows and Linux.

Software: DTC-300 StreamXpress MPEG-2 Transport-Stream/SDI Player,  DTC-320 StreamXpert MPEG-2 Transport-Stream Analysis and Monitoring,  DTC-325 DtGrabber+ Advanced Recording, DTC-330 DtTV MPEG-2 Transport-Stream Television,  DTC-700 MuxXpert Real-Time Multiplexer,  DTU-245-DVB+ DVBAnalyzer Advanced Transport-Stream Analysis, DTC-335 SdEye Real-Time SDI Waveform Monitor, etc....

3dB Hybrid Couplers, Audio/Video combiners, DAB Filters, Dummy loads, DVB Filters, FM Constant Impedance Combining Filter, FM Low Pass Filter, FM Radio Filters, FM Star Type Combining Filter, Motorized Coaxial Switches, Notch Filters, Passive Components, Patch Panels, UHF Channels Combiners, VHF Channels Combiners, VHF-UHF Filters, Custom products.

DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM, Synchronous FM, Head-End Systems , Test & Monitoring.

Legendary in the world of broadcasting

-VHF Band II FM transmitters ranges from 50W to 20kW

The range extends from compact lower power transmitters and transposes to comprehensively specified 20kW systems.

High reliability, low cost of ownership and excellent support are the hallmarks of the Eddystone brand.


Encoders MPEG-2/4 (H.264), DSNG Encoders, Multiplexers, Receivers-IRD's, Stream Processing, Network Management System, Conditional Access System, Scrambling, Splicing etc.

Fly-away Terminals, Compact SNG Fly-drive 1.2m or 1.5m satellite terminals, Satellite Uplink Systems

Antenna Systems: FM, VHF, UHF, Analog & Digital.

Combiners, Diplexers , Filters, Transmission Line and Accessories



Media Links, manufacturer and pioneer in Media over IP transport technology.

Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award winner Media Links helps deliver exceptional live sporting and entertainment experiences to audiences across the globe. Major recurring events include the Winter and Summer Olympics, World Cup Soccer, American Football, Baseball and Basketball games, political conventions, entertainment showcases and much more.

Media Links IP technology is optimized for broadcasters, service providers, rights holders and content owners, providing low latency, bandwidth efficient, fail-safe operation with both unsurpassed video quality as well as high speed “hitless” data transmission capability. The Media Links IP portfolio includes media gateways, modular transport platforms, aggregation/core switches, and management control software, supporting formats up to 4K UHD resolutions and network bandwidths to 100G. Solutions are specifically designed to interoperate with industry standards, provide a bridge from legacy interfaces to IP, and flexibly accommodate workflows for current and evolving applications like remote, distributed as well as cloud production. Professional services are also available for network design, installation, and maintenance.

Media Links is headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan with offices in the USA and Australia.


 - Live Sports Production

 - Metropolitan Distribution Network

 - Centralized IP Switching 

 - WAN IP Network – A Next Generation Broadcast Solution

Products & Solutions

 - Media Over IP Transport

 - IP Video Routers and Switches

 - Modular IP Media Gateways

 - Software Management

 - Downloads (Datasheets, Case Studies, White Papers)


Special Hybrid Set Top Boxes: IPTV, DVB-T with Audio Description for Impaired Persons,Media Center, etc.

Nevion has over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative network and broadcast infrastructure solutions to broadcasters, telecommunication service providers, governmental agencies and other industries, to manage and transport professional quality video, audio and associated data – in real-time, reliably and securely.

 - Media Processing and Routing

 - Media Transport

 - Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting

 - Media Post Production

 - In-Service Media Monitoring

Leading Content Connectivity Solutions

NOVELSAT is an innovator and a leading provider of next-generation content connectivity solutions over satellite.


ST Engineering / iDirect has aquaried Newtec and maintains the products portfolio & services plus their own.

ST Engineering / iDirect knowledge and capabilities include products in the fields:


  • Enterprise and Broadband
  • Cellular Backhaul and Trunking
  • Maritime
  • Aeronautical
  • Land Mobility
  • Defense and Government
  • IoT
  • Media and Broadcast

    Product portfolio includes: Modulators, Modems, Satellite Terminals, Hubs, Demodulators, Redundancy Switches, Frequency Converters, Receivers, Stream Processing, etc.

    Monitoring Solutions, Viewfinder Solutions,  Time Code Solutions,

    Fiber Optic Solutions, HD Character Generator Solutions,

    Test & Measurement


    The World’s leading end-to-end provider of satellite communications, ground-based products, high precision scientific and satellite terminals and services.

    Global leader in end-to-end multi-vendor network management and OSS software solutions for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry.


    High-power traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA)

    Redundant system controllers and sub-systems

    Solid state amplifiers (SSPA) providing small, lightweight, efficient power

    solutions covering all uplink frequencies.

    Stellar Satellite Amplifiers

    Spectracom is a leading provider of  GNSS signal management solutions to synchronize critical operations. Supports customer's goals to increase reliability and productivity by delivering innovative ways to simplify the integration of complex positioning, navigation and timing technologies in their unique applications.

    Spectracom knowledge and capabilities include:

     - signal generation

     - GNSS reception

     - synchronization

     - distribution

     - test & validation

     - simulation

     - integration

     - interference, detection and mitigation

     - real-time embedded systems

     - technical and support services

    TAG V.S. LTD is a privately owned company which was founded in 2009.The company was founded by a team of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in embedded real-time software and broadcast equipment development. TAG V.S. specializes in broadcast monitoring and delivery products, the company develop innovative, cost effective solutions.

    MCM-9000 Series

    Multi channel monitoring and mosaic solutions. Monitors both for errors on the transport layer and on the payload layer. creates high-definition mosaic for control room including overlays of errors, audio bars, channel names and channels properties. A complete solution for any size of operation.

    MBC-7000 Series

    Easy creation of a mosaic channel from a mixture of sources in a varialty of layouts.

    MTS-3000 Series

    The MTS-3000 DVB time shifter enables multi-service time shifting.

    MCR-6000 Series

    Unique solution for multi-channel audio transcoding from a veriety of internet sources into a single MPTS.

    MCT-1000 Series

    Live multi channel transcoding solution for professional broadcasting. supports both audio and video transcoding while maintaining complete transport stream features - multi channel audio/teletext/subtitling/EIT signaling and more. supports re-encoding both at H.264 and Mpeg2 - at veriaty of resolutions and bitrates.

    VideoFlow products employ the 3V technology that protect video streaming over the public Internet, as well as over private networks, guaranteed to recover 100% of lost packets and eliminate excessive jitter using minimal overhead bandwidth. VideoFlow provides a viable, cost-effective solution using standard compliant products that enable seamless integration not only with today's existing networks but with next generation networks as well.




















































































































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